Our Products


Mitosaien Farm is producing salads including baby leaf.


Baby leaves are young leaves which are about 30 days after gemination.  Since the baby leaf has rich taste and soft leaves than other vegetables, it is very good for salads.

Our baby leaf mix salads products have differently blended season by season though mainly blended of wild leaf lettuce of Mediterranean area.

Focusing on Soil, we are growing vegetables with fertilizer of rich mineral.  Just rinse them and dish up, Italian salads gets ready.  Simply with salt or olive oil, it should taste delicious due to its nature of flavor.

Strict temperature control from harvesting through shipping and use of Pattruss, the super-tetrahedral packaging allows vegetables delivered without being crushed and keeps its freshness for your table.

We grow macrophyll, basil, and other herbs.  We also glow paprika, pepper, red shiso, arugula and various kind of vegetables as well.